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Sharon as been asked to present a panel discussion for Redwood Writers at their Writer's Conference April 26, 2014. Her topic is, "Sell Me Something Sexy."

Sharon will be attenting Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in New Orleans as a presenter, and Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas also as a presenter. She will also attend Writer's Police Academy, NINC, and Women's Fiction Festival in Italy.

Sharon Was the featured kickoff speaker for Orange County RWA Chapter.

Watch the book videos for Cruisin For A SEAL, SEAL The Deal, and Honeymoon Bite.

She will be one of the featured authors for the next Arizona Dreamin' and Building The Dream Conference in Tucson May 30-Jun1 2014.

Watch Sharon's interview with on June 3, 2013 below.

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Heavenly Lover, Book 1 of the Guardian Angel series, is out now, available on Amazon/Kindle.  This book has ranked #1 in the Fantasy Romance category.

Underworld Lover, Book 2 of the Guardian Angel series, (Josh’s book) is also out now on Amazon/Kindle. Look for Underworld Queen, Book 3, which will be out in the Spring of 2013.

Honeymoon Bite, Book 1 of the Golden Vampires of Tuscany series, is available on Amazon/Kindle now. Watch for Book 2 of the Golden Vampires of Tuscany (Paolo’s story) spring/summer of 2013.

Accidental SEAL, Book 1 of the SEAL Brotherhood, is available now at Amazon/Kindle. Released in June of 2012, it has remained in the top 100 for Romantic Suspense ever since its release.  Watch for trade paperback versions coming soon.

SEAL Encounter is a short written to introduce the two main characters in Accidental SEAL, and is meant as a tease. To read about the two lovers getting together, you have to read the full length book, Accidental SEAL.

Bestselling author of Team Twelve Navy SEAL Series Marliss Melton says: "Fans of Navy SEAL romance, I found a new author to feed your addiction. Finely written and loaded delicious moments, Sharon Hamilton's story-telling satisfies like a thick bar of chocolate."

Finally, Book 5, Fredo's book, will be written at sea in November and December and coming out early Spring 2014. Stay tuned!